Accelerate safety insights for COVID-19 medicines and vaccines

Simple, self-service solution to guide patients, carers and physicians through the reporting process and transfer coded data direct to your Safety Database

Purer Data, Faster

A user-friendly mechanism to capture critical information to assess the safety of medicines for COVID-19.

Purer Data, Faster

Rapid deployment of programs to assess the safety profile of COVID-19 treatments across large, heterogenous populations

Purer Data, Faster

Self-service, guided reporting for patients, carers, and physicians to ensure the capture of relevant, standardised data at source

Purer Data, Faster

Simple integration with related systems facilitating the capture of outcomes and safety data all in one place

Managing the COVID-19 Drug Safety Response

Current safety reporting systems cannot meet the demands of a COVID-19 response. Download this whitepaper to discover how digital transformation enables rapid understanding & management of drug safety. What you will learn:

  • Limitations of current safety reporting systems for COVID-19 treatment and vaccination initiatives
  • Requirements for COVID-19 safety data capture to ensure signals are detected and assessed at the earliest opportunity
  • Risk reduction in particular during the rapid exposure likely during mass vaccination campaigns

Key Features & Benefits

Reportum is a secure, easy-to-use digital platform for the capture and management of relevant, standardised safety data

Simple, user-friendly interface

Mobile-friendly web interface that can be accessed from any device by patients, carers, and physicians

Enhanced visibility and control

Real time access to KPIs and reporting enhances tracking & management of safety processes

Intelligent questioning

Capture additional information through triggering targeted questions based on responses to ensure key data is collected first time right and reduce follow-up

Increased efficiency

Direct transfer of case reports to Safety & Quality databases with QC, if required, and auto-reconciliation

Specific COVID-19 workflow

Pre-configured workflow that guides users to provide high value and standardised, structured data

Out-of-the-box integration

Works in harmony with related systems such as CRM, ePRO or Late Phase EDC at the point of data capture

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

Create a single study platform with eMR, ePRO or Late Phase EDC solutions to register, track and monitor patients in longitudinal programmes.

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

Rapid, simple enrolment and registration for all patients involved in COVID-19 programs

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

Accurate and timely adverse event reporting, both spontaneous and triggered from questionnaires

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

Universal safety solution across all programs resulting in standardisation and improved analysis

Proven & Secure

Founded by a team with deep domain expertise in drug safety and software engineering, Reportum® is a trusted and secure digital platform used by Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies

Fully verified and scalable GxP application hosted on AWS cloud
In high volume use - across 84 countries and in 9 different languages
Hosted in ISO 27001, SOC1 & SOC2 certified data centres

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How you can use Reportum

Reportum is dynamic, configurable and is fully responsive with availability online or offline.

Direct Reporting

Enable patients and Healthcare Professionals to report adverse events and product quality issues directly through your website

Medical Representatives

Enable Medical Representatives to capture adverse events identified during interactions with medical staff

Call Centres & Affiliates

Ensure relevant, standardised data collection and processing through optimised intake and workflow

Patient Support Programmes

Ensure adverse events are captured in a consistent manner while meeting timelines for Regulatory reporting